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Confernce Table Runner

Confernce Table Runner
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A conference table runner is a decorative piece of fabric or material that is placed on top of a conference table. It is typically used to add a touch of elegance and style to the table, while also protecting the surface from scratches or spills. Conference table runners come in various sizes, shapes, and designs to suit different table dimensions and decor themes. They can be made from a wide range of materials, such as silk, satin, linen, or polyester, and may feature patterns, embroidery, or other embellishments. Conference table runners are commonly used in professional settings, such as conference rooms, meeting rooms, or boardrooms, where they can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the space and create a more formal atmosphere.

confernce table runner

About This Product:

Customizable design for personalized conference table decorations:Our conference table runners can be customized according to your specific requirements, allowing you to create a unique and personalized decoration for your event. Whether you want a specific color, size, or flower arrangement, we can tailor the design to match your vision and enhance the overall aesthetic of your conference table.

High-quality silk material for a realistic and elegant look:Our conference table runners are made from high-quality silk material, which gives them a realistic and elegant appearance. The silk material mimics the texture and shine of real flowers, adding a touch of sophistication to your conference table. Your guests will be impressed by the lifelike beauty of our artificial flower decorations.

Versatile use for various occasions such as weddings, parties, and hotels:Our conference table runners are not limited to conference rooms only. They can be used for various occasions such as weddings, parties, hotels, and more. Whether you want to create a romantic ambiance for a wedding, add a festive touch to a party, or enhance the decor of a hotel, our artificial flower decorations are perfect for any setting.

Easy DIY setup for hassle-free decoration:Our conference table runners are designed for easy DIY setup, allowing you to decorate your conference table hassle-free. With simple instructions and no need for professional assistance, you can quickly and effortlessly transform your conference table into a stunning focal point. Save time and effort while achieving beautiful results.

Durable and long-lasting for repeated use:Our conference table runners are made to be durable and long-lasting, ensuring that you can reuse them for multiple events. Unlike real flowers that wither and require constant replacement, our artificial flower decorations maintain their beauty over time. Invest in our high-quality conference table runners for a cost-effective and sustainable decoration solution.

Product Parameters
ClassificationArtificial Flowers
Flower StyleFlower Bouquet
TypeWedding table centerpieces decoration flower ball
OriginMainland China
styleartificial flower ball arrangement
ocasionDIY wedding/party/hotel/Christmas/store
flower ball size50/60/70cm
package1 piece flower (without pot)
colorswhite/pink/champagne/light pink/red/blue/purple/yellow
use occasion 1DIY wedding arch decor
use occasion 2wedding backdrop decor
use occasion 3hotel background decor
use occasion 4party decor flowers
use occasion 5display flowers

confernce table runner1

Product Advantages:

1. Long-lasting beauty: Artificial flower decorations, such as a conference table runner, offer the advantage of maintaining their beauty over an extended period. Unlike real flowers that wither and fade within a few days, artificial flowers retain their vibrant colors and shape, ensuring a visually appealing table runner throughout the conference.

2. Low maintenance: Artificial flower decorations require minimal maintenance compared to real flowers. They do not need watering, pruning, or exposure to sunlight, making them ideal for busy conference settings. This advantage saves time and effort, allowing event organizers to focus on other important tasks.

3. Allergy-friendly: Many individuals suffer from allergies triggered by pollen or strong floral scents. Artificial flower decorations eliminate this concern, as they do not produce pollen or release any fragrance. This advantage ensures a comfortable environment for attendees, without the risk of triggering allergies or causing discomfort.

4. Versatility: Artificial flower decorations offer a wide range of design options, allowing event organizers to customize the conference table runner according to the theme or branding of the event. They come in various colors, shapes, and sizes, enabling creativity and flexibility in design choices.

5. Cost-effective: While real flowers can be expensive, especially for large-scale events, artificial flower decorations provide a cost-effective alternative. They are typically more affordable and can be reused for future conferences or events, reducing the need for frequent flower purchases.

6. Durability: Artificial flower decorations are made from high-quality materials that are designed to withstand wear and tear. They are less prone to damage from accidental spills, rough handling, or changes in temperature, ensuring that the conference table runner remains intact and visually appealing throughout the event.

confernce table runner1

Application Scenarios:

1. Corporate Events: Artificial flower decorations can be used as a conference table runner during corporate events such as seminars, conferences, or business meetings. Placing a long, elegant runner adorned with artificial flowers in the center of the table adds a touch of sophistication and beauty to the overall ambiance. It creates a visually appealing focal point that enhances the professional atmosphere and makes the table more inviting.

2. Wedding Receptions: Artificial flower decorations can also be used as a table runner during wedding receptions. By selecting flowers that match the wedding theme or color scheme, the runner can complement the overall decor and create a romantic and enchanting atmosphere. It adds a touch of elegance to the tables, making them more visually appealing and inviting for guests.

3. Restaurant Dining: Artificial flower table runners can be used in upscale restaurants to enhance the dining experience. Placing a runner with carefully arranged artificial flowers on the tables adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to the dining area. It creates a visually pleasing environment that complements the overall ambiance of the restaurant, making it more appealing to customers.

4. Hotel Banquets: Artificial flower table runners can be used in hotel banquet halls during special events such as weddings, anniversaries, or corporate parties. The runners can be customized to match the theme or color scheme of the event, creating a visually stunning and cohesive look. They add a touch of luxury and elegance to the tables, making the banquet hall more inviting and memorable for guests.

5. Home Decor: Artificial flower table runners can be used in home decor to add a touch of beauty and elegance to dining tables or console tables. Placing a runner with carefully arranged artificial flowers can instantly transform a plain table into a visually appealing centerpiece. It adds a pop of color and freshness to the room, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

6. Retail Displays: Artificial flower table runners can be used in retail stores to create eye-catching displays. Placing a runner with vibrant and attractive artificial flowers on display tables or countertops can draw customers' attention and make the products more visually appealing. It adds a touch of beauty and elegance to the store, enhancing the overall shopping experience for customers.

confernce table runner2

Product features:

1. Realistic Appearance: Artificial flower decorations for conference table runners should have a realistic appearance to create an aesthetically pleasing and natural ambiance. The flowers should be designed with attention to detail, mimicking the texture, color, and shape of real flowers. This will enhance the overall visual appeal of the conference table and create a welcoming atmosphere.

2. Durable Materials: Conference table runners are often subjected to frequent handling and movement. Therefore, artificial flower decorations should be made from durable materials that can withstand wear and tear. High-quality silk or polyester flowers are ideal choices as they are resistant to fading, fraying, and damage caused by handling or accidental spills.

3. Versatility: Artificial flower decorations for conference table runners should be versatile enough to suit various themes and occasions. They should be easily customizable, allowing users to mix and match different flower types, colors, and arrangements to match the desired aesthetic. This versatility ensures that the decorations can be used for different events, such as conferences, meetings, or even formal dinners.

4. Easy Maintenance: Unlike real flowers, artificial flower decorations require minimal maintenance. They should be designed to be dust-resistant and easy to clean. This can be achieved by using materials that repel dust and are easy to wipe clean. Additionally, the flowers should be securely attached to the table runner, ensuring that they do not easily detach or become dislodged during cleaning or transportation.

5. Fire Retardant: Safety is a crucial consideration for any decorative item, especially in public spaces like conference rooms. Artificial flower decorations for conference table runners should be made from fire-retardant materials to minimize the risk of fire hazards. This ensures that the decorations comply with safety regulations and provide peace of mind to users.

6. Adjustable Length: Conference tables come in various sizes, so it is essential for artificial flower decorations to have an adjustable length. The table runner should be designed with a flexible structure that can be easily extended or shortened to fit different table dimensions. This feature allows for a seamless and customized fit, ensuring that the decorations look proportionate and well-balanced on any conference table.

confernce table runner3


1. Regular Cleaning: To maintain the appearance of your artificial flower decorations, it is important to clean them regularly. Dust and dirt can accumulate on the flowers and leaves, making them look dull and less vibrant. Use a soft brush or a feather duster to gently remove any dust particles. If needed, you can also use a damp cloth or a mild soap solution to wipe away any stubborn stains. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials as they can damage the artificial flowers.

2. Storage: When not in use, it is essential to store your artificial flower decorations properly to prevent any damage. Place them in a clean and dry storage area, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. You can use a plastic container or a cardboard box to protect them from dust and moisture. Additionally, consider using tissue paper or bubble wrap to cushion the flowers and prevent them from getting crushed or bent during storage.

3. Repair and Replacement: Over time, some artificial flowers may get damaged or lose their shape. It is important to regularly inspect your decorations and repair or replace any damaged parts. If a flower or leaf is torn or broken, you can use a hot glue gun or floral tape to fix it. In case a flower has lost its shape, you can reshape it by gently bending the wire stem. If the damage is beyond repair, consider replacing the damaged flower with a new one to maintain the overall aesthetic appeal.

4. Avoid Exposure to Elements: Artificial flower decorations are not designed to withstand outdoor elements such as rain, wind, or direct sunlight. To prolong their lifespan, it is crucial to keep them indoors or in a protected area. Exposure to moisture can cause the flowers to fade or develop mold, while direct sunlight can cause the colors to fade. If you want to use artificial flower decorations outdoors, make sure to choose ones specifically designed for outdoor use, as they are made from materials that can withstand the elements.

confernce table runner4

Product parameters:

Product Feature

confernce table runner6 confernce table runner7 confernce table runner8 confernce table runner9 confernce table runner10

The size is perfect for our conference table. It fits nicely and doesn't slide around.


Love the color and pattern of this conference table runner. It really brightens up the room.


This conference table runner exceeded my expectations. It looks even better in person.


I am very happy with this purchase. The conference table runner is exactly what I was looking for.


This conference table runner is a great addition to our office. It adds a pop of color and makes the space more inviting.


The fabric is soft and smooth. It feels luxurious on our conference table.


Great quality and design. Adds a touch of elegance to our conference table.


The design is modern and stylish. It matches our office decor perfectly.


Excellent product! The material is durable and easy to clean.


I received many compliments on this conference table runner. It adds a professional touch to our meetings.


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